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How Does this Type of Tattoo Removal Work? 

TEPR is a removal technology that is very effective in the removal of the tattoo and semi-permanent make-up. It works on all colours, all sizes and all styles of tattoo.  We use natural and organic products to remove the pigment using a similar tool as the tattoo machines.  But instead of injecting ink into your skin, the tattoo is micro-needled to create channels, then a tattoo removal liquid is applied to the channels to allow the liquid to reach the tattoo ink and dissolve it.


We use an adhesive stencil applied to the tattooed area. The stencil helps the Dermal Therapist performing the tattoo removal to target small areas of the tattoo. Using the stencil ensures partial treatment of the tattoo. Skin heals faster than it would if the whole tattoo was treated in one session.

The tattoo removal liquid releases the ink from your cells so it can be pushed out through the skin’s surface. There is inflammation and a crust/scab forms over treated areas. When the scab falls off, the tattoo ink comes with it. After the treated areas have healed, the process is repeated on untreated areas until the entire tattoo has been removed.

How is the TEPR Method better than laser?

  1. TEPR is quicker than laser tattoo removal. A tattoo about 3″ x 4″ can usually be removed in 3 – 5 treatments. Larger tattoos take more treatments. The tattoo is treated in segments to allow healing and limit the risk of scarring. Time between treatments is usually about 8 weeks.

  2. This new type of tattoo removal works on ink of all colors. 

  3. TEPR is less expensive than laser tattoo removal. Because there are fewer sessions, the process is shorter and costs less.

  4. People who have had this new type of tattoo removal say it hurts less than laser tattoo removal. Some clients request a topical numbing cream. Most people say it feels similar to getting a tattoo.

  5. The depth of the tattoo doesn’t matter. Tattoo artists usually inject ink between 0.6 and 1.2 mm in the skin. Amateurs deposit ink at varying depths. In most cases, the depth of the tattoo removal solution injection can be adjusted to the depth of the tattoo ink in your tattoo.

  6. TEPR dissolves the tattoo ink and removes it without releasing it back into the your liver and immune system. Pigment is released directly from the skin. It is NOT released back into the body, so there is no risk of absorbing any potentially carcinogenic ink.

  7. TEPR works on most skin types and colors. People who have a history of scarring, and pregnant or nursing women are not good candidates for this type of tattoo removal. You can minimize your risk of scarring and skin color changes by:

    • giving an accurate physical history

    • carefully following after-care instructions

    • having a test spot treated

Does this new type of tattoo removal have any side effects?

Red patches can occur at the injection point. Some people get small burns or allergic reactions on the tattoo area. Like lasers, there is always the risk of infection or scarring. TEPR is not recommended to remove tattoo eyeliner because of the possibility of a chemical burn to the eyes.

How do I take care of my tattoo after TEPR?

After the treatment, it is critically important to make sure and scrupulously follow the post procedural treatment plan that will be given to you by your Dermal Therapist. It takes several weeks for the skin to get back to its normal pigmentation. You can expect the treated area to be a bit painful and red during the first post-treatment days. The most important thing is to protect the wound. A bandage will be applied to the treated area right after the treatment. It should be changed once or twice a day. Apply a triple antibiotic ointment to the wound until a scab forms. Scar gel may be applied until the scab falls off. 

There are no perfect solutions for tattoo removal

 It's hard to get ink out of skin. Improved tattoo techniques, and the wide variety of colors used, make tattoo removal more and more difficult. Surgical removal is expensive and leaves a scar. Lasers are expensive, painful, and release inks into the immune system. TEPR, the new type of tattoo removal, may give lasers a run for their money. It is less expensive, works on all ink colors, and inks come out through the skin – not the body’s immune system – minimizing health risks.

How much does it cost?

Pre-treatment consultation, appraisal and patch test is Required -  45 Minutes $50

From $175

The price per session is depending on the size of the tattoo.  Please note that multiple session will be required  

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